June 19, 2013


Dear M.H.D.S. Vishnu Mandir Members,


We are looking to amend the Mandir Bylaws and Constitution by adding the Board of Trustee/Director to the Bylaws and Constitution. We are planning on meeting every Sunday after Mandir to discuss the formation of the Board of Trustee. We are planning to vote on the Amendments to the Bylaws and Constitution and also the Board of Trustee on Sunday, July 14, 2013 at the M.H.D.S. Vishnu Mandir,4022 Washington Avenue,Minneapolis,MNat 11:00 am. Please be advised that in order to vote, you need to be a paid member no later than Sunday, July, 7, 2013.  Paid memberships received after that date will not be allowed to vote on the Board of Trustees, however, you will still be allowed to vote at the end of the year for the Executive Board.  If you do not show up to vote, you can fill out a proxy and hand it to the President.  The deadline to have the proxy turned in to the President will be Friday, July 12, 2013. Please read below a Draft of the Trustee Bylaws that we will edit and add to the Mandir’s Bylaws prior to the formation of the Trustee Board.  Please be advised that due to the fact that this is the formation of the Mandir’s first Board of Trustees, any paid member that currently holds an Executive position can run and hold dual positions at this time, however, this is the only time that dual positions will be permissible.




8.1       There shall be a Trustee Advisory Council consisting of five (5) members elected by paid members at the General Assembly Meeting as follows:


8.1.1    The Trustee Advisory Council shall consist of: Chair, Vice Chair, and three (3) additional members.  Please be advised that only one (1) member per family can serve on the Trustee Board.  A family member will be defined as a grandparent, parent, spouse, children, and any siblings.  To avoid conflicts, a member can’t hold and Executive position and a Trustee position at the same time.


8.1.2    Positions: The Chair and Vice Chair can be any M.H.D.S. Vishnu Mandir past officers (President, Vice president, Secretary, Treasurer, or Organization Founders).  The remaining three (3) members can also be any M.H.D.S. Vishnu Mandir’s past officers (President, Vice president, Secretary, Treasurer, or Organization Founders), however, in the event that the remaining three (3) positions can’t be filled, the positions will then be open to the General Assembly for nomination.  Please be advised that the nominated person or persons must be a paid member.


8.2       Duties: The Council shall be responsible for the long term plan of M.H.D.S. Vishnu Mandir’s growth and effective operation.  It includes, but is not limited to:


8.2.1    Acting as the long term planning body to prepare guidelines for growth of M.H.D.S. Vishnu Mandir’s activities, membership, revenues, and effective operation. The Trustee Board will consist of members who are dedicated to serving and preserving M.H.D.S. Vishnu Mandir and protect the interests of the Organization.


8.2.2    Developing guidelines and plans to preserve M.H.D.S. Vishnu Mandir’s records and property.


8.2.3    Facilitating transition of M.H.D.S. Vishnu Mandir’s Executive Board after annual election.


8.2.4    Acting as an Audit Committee.


8.2.5    Providing interpretation of M.H.D.S. Vishnu Mandir’s Bylaws.


8.2.6    Acting as a Bylaw Review Committee.


8.2.7    Working with M.H.D.S. Vishnu Mandir’s Executive Board in an advisory role on any issues when requested by the Executive Board or required according to Bylaws.


8.2.8    The Trustee Board and all of its members must attend all General Assembly meetings.


8.3       Term: Any M.H.D.S. Vishnu Mandir past officers (President, Vice president, Secretary, Treasurer, or Organization Founders) can be a candidate for election to the Trustee Advisory Council for one (1) Four (4) year term with the option to continue serving if elected for an additional term. If a Member resigns, they will lose all privileges on the Trustee Advisory Council.


8.4.      Voting:  With the exception of the first Trustee Board voting process and formation which will take place on Sunday, July 14, 2013, Voting for the Trustee Board shall be on the First Sunday of January on the same day as the Executive Board elections, every four (4) years.


8.5       Trustee Advisory Council Operation:


8.5.1    The Advisory Council Chair-Person shall coordinate all the Council activities including, periodic meetings, planning activities and keeping records, etc. per established goals by the Council.

  • Shall appoint Audit Committee (as per Article IX) from the Council members each year.
  • Shall appoint Bylaw Review Committee.
  • Shall coordinate with M.H.D.S. Vishnu Mandir’s Executive Board and officers for a unified cohesive plan of action on various activities.
  • Shall attend Board meetings when needed or requested by the M.H.D.S. Vishnu Mandir’s President.
  • Shall submit Council guidelines to the Executive Board on various activities for effective operation and long term growth.
  • Shall oversee that the Bylaws are strictly adhered to by the Executive Board on all issues.


8.5.2    Council Vice-Chair Person shall perform all the duties of the Council Chair in the absence of the Chair.


8.5.3    Additional members of the Trustee Advisory Council shall participate in all matters of the Council as established and be responsible for the work assigned by the Council Chair.


8.5.4  At least one member of the Trustee Advisory Council must attend M.H.D.S. Vishnu Mandir’s Executive Board meetings but cannot vote on any Board matter unless there is a tie within the Executive voting.  The Trustee Board will then act as a tie-breaker vote. ((POWER OF TRUSTEE AUTHORITY…TO BE DEFINED)


8.5.5    The Council shall operate on meeting protocol, attendance at meetings, quorum, majority vote, and filling vacancy in Council etc. similar to the prescribed for the Board. (Frequency of meeting, more specifics on vacancy…)


8.5.6    Each Council Member shall act in good faith, make informed business decisions and exhibit the exercise of discretion and confidentiality.



Very truly yours,




Premm Badhwa




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